by E.F.P. Jay

From Suckley one fine summer's day
I thought I'd take a stroll;
So with my stick I gently took
My way towards the Knoll.

When on the top I turned my head,
Oh! What a view was seen
Of Malvern with it's stately heights,
And the Suckley Hills between.

Then on past woods and level fields,
I watched the rabbits sport,
And passing under a railway bridge
I came to Yearsett Court.

Then strolling on my eyes espied
Some rising ground, but still
Some energy must be displayed
To climb up Parson's Hill.

A little level stretch appeared,
and cottages too were seen;
I asked a yokel where I was,
He answered Linley Green.

On past a church and high hedgerows,
The rough road I forsook,
And walking quicker 'cause the road
Was smooth by Linton Brook.

Half a mile there further on
My eyes beheld the Downs,
With picnic parties here and there
And ladies pretty gowns.

Next workhouse and a factory,
With chimney tall and lank;
My steps were getting slower as
I walked up Sherford Bank.

Then on the square my eyes did see
The Hop Pole, it did cheer,
Because it seemed to say to me
Come in and have some beer!

And whilst I sat and sipped my ale
I could have munched a bone,
So having had some bread and cheese,
I took the train back home.


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