Striking Competition Win

Martley District Change Ringers Guild Striking Competition - Rose bowl trophyThe annual Martley Guild Striking Competition was held this year [1999] at Martley and judged by Philip Barker, who is a Worcester Cathedral ringer. Six bands entered the competition and were drawn out of a hat at 5.00pm in the churchyard, to ring in the following order:-

1. Broadwas
2. Suckley
3. Shrawley
4. Astley
5. All ladies band
6. Martley

After ringing, the judge announced the results and made remarks about the individual ringing styles (good and bad) and after taking into account the number of faults registered, the bands were placed in the following order:-

1. Suckley (winners) with 6.5 faults
2. Broadwas 7.5 faults
3. Shrawley 15.0 faults
4. All ladies 22.5 faults
5. Astley 26.5 faults
6. Martley 42.0 faults

The weather was fantastic, everybody who wasn't ringing sat around in the churchyard and listened or talked to each other. Then we all departed to the Admiral Rodney, a local pub, for a good drink and to hold an inquest about what went wrong!

The winners trophy, which is a Rose Bowl will be displayed in the Suckley Ringing Chamber, for the next twelve months.

Ivor Bramich

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