Suckley News 2001

December 2001:

The Church of England benefice of Alfrick, Bransford, Leigh, Lulsley and Suckley has appointed the Rev Andrew Bullock as Priest-in-Charge. Andrew, age 51, is married with four children. He will take up his new position on 15 April 2002, moving from Sandhurst in Berkshire.

Times for prayers and reflection
September 2001:

Suckley remembered the victims of the 11 September US terrorist atrocities in 'times for prayers and reflection' led by Rev. Jennifer Oates at Suckley Church - 26 September, 11am.

Parish council by-election
August 2001:

Seven parishioners applied for a vacancy on the Parish Council, due to the resignation of Mrs Griffiths. Several people called for a by-election, which took place on 23 August. Only four people put their names forward for election, and there was a disappointing turnout of 18% of voters (caused, probably, by a lack of communication). The election was won by Paul Beaumont, with 41 votes, and the other candidates were Michelle Sweeney, Arthur Bancroft and Stephen Harper.

Footpaths open
July 2001:

90 percent of footpaths in Suckley have now been reopened following the closure in March due to foot and mouth disease. The parish has remained completely clear of the disease, although there are still difficulties caused by 'D' notices served by the government on local farms, preventing them from moving their livestock.

New Road Estate - Sensible Scateboarding
July 2001:

Work to build new houses for local people at the New Road Estate began in May, and the car park has been taken over by the contractors. The Parish Council is asking skateboarders not to skateboard down ramps and slopes directly into the roadway, as this is dangerous.

Building work on the New Road Estate. Photo (c) Louise Cox, August 2001Skateboarders in Suckley. Photo (c) Keith Bramich, August 2001

History and croquet
July 2001:

An estimated 200 pounds profit was made at Suckley Local History Society's Open Afternoon, with cream teas and croquet, and visitors were given an insight into the society's work.

Nearly £400 for church funds
April 2001:

The Suckley Church Plant Sale raised £393.15 for church funds, and the organisers wish to thank everyone who helped.

Preservation order
April 2001:

A preservation order has been placed on a group of trees opposite the Nelson Inn in Longley Green, following the expression of concern about the safety of the trees.

Trees in Longley Green - the subject of a preservation order

Replacement bus service
April 2001:

Midland Red bus service 428 from Suckley to Malvern has been withdrawn. The Parish Council has ascertained that a replacement service will be provided. Concessionary half fares begin in June 2001, and county-wide and cross-boundary concessionary fares are being negotiated.

Church open again
April 2001:

Suckley Church has re-opened, following its temporary closure in March as a precaution against the spread of foot and mouth disease. The parish is still completely clear of the disease. All footpaths in the village remain closed. National information about the crisis can be found at and

A footpath sign in Suckley

Information needed
March 2001:

Members of Suckley Local History Society are keen to discover as much as possible about the village. If you have any old documentation - photos, house documents, maps etc. - please let us copy them. Of particular interest is information about the church, school, village hall, charities, houses (especially in Suckley Knowl), farms and the old railway. Richard Harwood (884611) or Sue Anderson (884357) can collect your material and return it quickly.

Foot and mouth
March 2001:

We're not aware of any cases of this in Suckley, but there have been outbreaks quite nearby, at Bringsty and Whitbourne. Suckley Church and all footpaths in the village are closed as a precaution. We'll attempt to keep you informed of any further developments.

January 2001:

Michael Westall's Consecration took place in Tanzania on 28 January.

'Small is Beautiful'
January 2001:

Pupils and teachers at Suckley Primary School appear in a photo and article published on 23 January in the Worcester Evening News. The article, in the 'School Notebook' series, describes how the 35 children are taught in mixed year groups, because of the size of the school. The children have been working on a weather project, looking at the recent and dramatic flooding in the area.

Leigh online
January 2001:

A big welcome to Leigh and Bransford, whose website is now online, built by Geoff Wright and launched at the end of December 2000. It's a treasure trove of information, not just about Leigh, but about surrounding villages and areas too. Don't miss the 'Anecdotes Anonymous' section, packed with short quotes from locals which will either bring back strong memories or conjure up images of the past, such as 'A thrashing-box came to thrash the wheat. It was a very dusty job, and we didn't have the luxury of showers then.'

Village directory
January 2001:

Suckley Parish Council has distributed its Village Directory to parishoners. The directory takes the form of an information pack, containing details of various local businesses and services. It will be updated every six months, with updates on a more regular basis via the Suckley website.

If you live in Suckley and haven't received a copy, please contact Pat Perks, the Parish Clerk, on 01531 640438.

Phyllis Williams
January 2001:

Phyllis Williams, a leading Bromyard History Society member and author of several books on the area, spoke to members of the Suckley Local History Society. Phyllis has just published a new book about Avenbury, and you can read her fascinating article about the Manor of Suckley here online.

... and new on Suckley's web site ...
April 2001:

Information about the history of the White House has been added to the history page.

February 2001:

A new page Sounds of Suckley has been added, with downloadable sound files of the Suckley Church bellringers in good form. The sound files were made at the request of a theatre group in France, who used them during a recent production.

January 2001:

Various new features are planned, including regular updates from Suckley Parish Council and more interactive features for Suckley residents and visitors. Watch this space for details.

Suckley in the snow, January 2001. Photo copyright (c) 2001 Keith Bramich


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