Keep in touch with Suckley

You can contact us online with any questions you might have about the website.

Two mailing lists, Suckley-announce and Suckley-chat, are now available free of charge, run in association with this website. They have been created to allow Suckley residents, visitors to the website, those with friends in Suckley and those interested in news about the village to keep in touch. The more of us join, the more use these lists will become, so please take part.

Suckley-announce is a low volume list with occasional postings (probably only one or two per month at most) to keep you in touch with news about the village, and about changes to the Suckley website. All postings to this list will be checked by a list administrator before being sent to the members of the list. Join, or read further information about, Suckley-announce.

Anyone may join Suckley-chat, which is an informal forum in which messages can be exchanged between members. Join, or read further information about, Suckley-chat.

If you have a Suckley Mail email address, please contact us (and tell us the address you're using) so that we can explain how you can continue to use this address free of charge.


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