1840 Tythe Map

Below is a miniature view of the whole of 19th century Suckley on Marnie Caine's traced and coloured copy of the 1840 Tythe Map. The various colours show different landowners, indicating that much of the land (apart from Upper Court) was fragmented in strips. Some of this land could have been common fields, but by this date most would have been enclosed.

Suckley Tythe Map

All plots on the 1840 map are numbered. This can be seen on the attached magnification of a section of the tythe map containing Suckley Church, again traced by Mrs. Caine. The table above the map, taken from the Tythe Map apportionment of 1840 allows these plots to be cross-referenced:

Plot Description Type Acres Roods Perches
430 The Church and Churchyard Pasture 1 2 8
835 Part of Churchyard Pasture 0 2 7
426 Vicarage Meadow   1 0 7
427 Vicarage House and Garden   0 1 33

Tythe Map Magnification

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