Village Hall

Suckley Village Hall occupies a prime location in the middle of the village, just up the road from the Church and School, and, from the gate, it boasts a panoramic view of the Suckley Hills. See below for the village hall's active programme of events.

To book Suckley Village Hall for your event, please contact Steve Boughton on 884210. See What's on for other events in Suckley.



Is there something missing in your village? Is there a club, group or society that you'd like to take part in and that would interest your friends and neighbours in Suckley? A photography group, a book club, or a knitting circle? Organising a local group is a great way to meet other like minded Suckley residents and have fun at the same time. The team at Suckley Village Hall would be delighted to help you get your idea off the ground. Contact Steve on 884210.

Suckley Village Hall. Photo (c) 2010 Keith Bramich

Suckley Village Hall

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