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Wickham Rail and Bruff (posted by Steve Webb, 7 Oct 2013, 00:46)
In reply to Johnathon Flood's posting regarding information about Wickham and Bruff Rail.

It's been a few years since the posting but if I can help with some details please feel free to email me. I used to work there as the bodywork designer and fabricator and have a some pictures etc from my time there which was from before the merger right up to the end, being one of the last employees out.
I've attached a picture of myself sat in the 'new' Type 44.

Wickham Rail Type 44.
Billson Family (posted by Arabella, 9 Jul 2013, 11:53)

I used to visit your wonderful village as a child and remember the Billson family who used to live in wonderful Baston Hall.

Does anyone remember the family? Are they still in the area?

Kind regards,

Thomas Hallard (posted by Chris Holloway, 19 Feb 2013, 21:17)
Hi I am trying to find out anything about Thomas Hallard and his descendants and Elizabeth Hallard.

It appears they may have leased property in Suckley and may have also lived at Leigh and Bransford.

I can't find out were they went after that. Any information would be brilliant.

Chris Holloway
John Hyrum Green and Thomas Green (posted by Don Green, 31 Dec 2012, 04:29)
Jay G. Burrup posted a message on Wednesday, February 17th 1999 - 08:45:47 PM saying he was related to many relatives one of which was John Hyrum Green born in Acton Beauchamp, Worcestershire, England. His father Thomas Green was born in Suckley Plairs, Herfordshire, England. I'm trying to find more information on ancestors of these two. Would Jay or anyone else drop me a note if they have or know where I can obtain information on them? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you to all who have created/maintained this site. Its great to learn about my ancestors and see and learn more where they lived from websites like this. Thanks again!
Other Suckley WWI soldiers who lie in France (posted by Tony Stanhope, 14 Dec 2012, 00:17)
Rank: Lance Corporal
Service No: 9073
Date of Death: 21/03/1918
Age: 27
Regiment/Service: King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Bn.
Panel Reference Bay 7.
Additional Information:
Son of John Vernall, of Judas Gate, Suckley, Worcester.

Rank: Private
Service No: 25132
Date of Death: 08/11/1916
Age: 25
Regiment/Service: East Surrey Regiment 8th Bn.
Grave Reference XII. B. 19.
Additional Information:
Son of Walter and Mary Phillips, of The Nest, Stanford Bishop, Bringstye, Worcs. Native of Suckley, Worcs.

Country: France
Locality: Somme

Rank: Private
Service No: 33164
Date of Death: 24/01/1917
Age: 29
Regiment/Service: Worcestershire Regiment "A" Coy. 2nd Bn.
Grave Reference I. C. 11.
Additional Information:
Son of William and Mary Griffin, of The Cross Keys, Suckley, Worcester.

Country: France
Locality: Somme

Rank: Rifleman
Service No: 140
Date of Death: 05/12/1914
Age: 22
Regiment/Service: London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)5th Bn.
Grave ReferenceA. 16.
Additional Information:
Son of James and Matilda Louisa Bradley, of Grove Hill, Suckley, Worcs. Was entered at the Inner Temple.

Country: France
Locality: Nord

Suckley Church (posted by Neill Mifflin, 14 Oct 2012, 17:05)
I have lived in Suckley for many years now & I am outraged to hear that there are plans on turning Our beautiful church into a Sports/Dining Hall! I do agree to a kitchen & toilet facilities! Then The Church could hold more concert's, fete's, ect!

I know that I do not go to church very often but local's & visitor's still go there to pay their RESPECTS & REFLECT on LIFE in PEACE & QUIET! Visitor's do not want to turn-up to a church full of SCREAMING kid's playing foot or netball!

If I had travelled miles to visit lost one's I would be VERY UPSET & think how DISRESPECTFUL it was!

Neill Mifflin, Suckley.
Landlords of the Cross Keys Inn (posted by Miss Taylor, 7 May 2012, 10:07)
Hello, does anyone have any information regarding the names of the Landlords of the Cross Keys Inn, Suckley. This would help greatly in the search of a family member who we are struggling to find.

I would be so appreciative for any informaiton or names.

Many thanks.
re. jane turner born 1853. (posted by iris brant, 2 Apr 2012, 18:35)
Does anyone have a Jane Turner in their family tree.
She was my grandmother, born 1853. she married at Leigh to a Wm. Stokes of Alfrick. 1873.
Any information would be welcome.
Crown Inn or Wagstaff information (posted by John Brechin, 19 Feb 2012, 20:22)

I have the following snippet from Berrow's Worcester Journal, Thursday, June 08, 1837:

"On Monday, at the house of James Wagstaff, the Crown Inn, Suckley, on the body of John Yeomans, who it was supposed had died of an epileptic fit. Verdict died by the visitation of God"

James Wagstaff was my 3 x Gt Grandfather who was married to Alice Turner and had Thomas (my 2nd Gt Grandfather) in Suckley in 1835.

I have found that the Crown Inn later became known as the Chantry on: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=42910

And in Wikipedia on Suckley there is a 1906 watercolour by EA Chadwick of the Chantry. If you click on the painting it gives the following details: "This cottage was called The Chantry and it stood in Church Lane, Suckley, opposite the village primary school. The thatched building to the right of the cottage was a blacksmith's shop and Suckley Church is behind it. At the time of this painting The Chantry was occupied by the Addis sisters. The Chantry fell derelict for many years and was finally demolished in the 1980's for the construction of a modern bungalow."

I was wondering if anyone can give details on the Wagstaff's of Suckley, or any details on the Crown Inn or Blacksmith's there. I'd love to find out if he was the Blacksmith or the Inn Keeper there.

Thank you,

John Brechin
Message from Kevin Suckley (posted 25 Jan 2012, 20:21)
My name being Kevin Suckley, it seemed very strange visiting Suckley with my young children some years back. I took some photos of the road sign with my children. I would be interested to hear from any other Suckley who has done the same.
My Father is Raymond Suckley from Wrexham.
Living in Exeter
memories (posted by Gerald Wall, 23 Jan 2012, 22:14)
I have many happy memories of visiting my gran Annie May who lived in Suckley for many years. I have not been back for some time. I remember the church clock chiming every mins and people like Dolly Munday and her family. My gran used to live in a cottage on Red Marley Farm. I remember the mobile shop calling and the long walk to the post office. It is a great village and I hope to re-visit soon.
Suckley School Needs You! (posted by Danielle Duignan, 3 Jan 2012, 11:22)
I am the Year 5 and 6 teacher at Suckley school. For our topic next term, my class have decided to study the History of Suckley School.
The children have asked if any past pupils, teachers etc have any information about the school throughout the years.

We would love to have some visitors to come in and talk to the children, to provide them with information so that they can create a book about the history of Suckley school, to hopefully sell within the community to generate funds for the school.

If anyone has any information, please contact me at the school (01886 884283), via here or by email.

Kind Regards,
Danielle Duignan
Great Grandfather- percy butcher (posted by richard butcher, 28 Nov 2011, 12:06)
My great grandfather was percy Butcher who lived at bridge house suckley around 1915. He was a farm bailfe.

Do you have any information on him
Freda Morris (posted by Heather Canevaro, 14 Nov 2011, 04:57)

We had a lovely visit to the suckley area this past May. So enjoyed my time there although it was too short. We were introduced to a several times cousin and had a wonderful visit with her. But in all the excitment, we didn't get her mailing address.

Could anyone give me a mailing address for Freda Morris? She is an elderly lady who lives in a cottage near the old Morris Blacksmith shop. I just can't remember the name of the cottage.

Thanks for any help.
Heather Canevaro
Humboldt SK
memories of my youth (posted by colin maybury, 22 Sep 2011, 18:33)
my mother was born near suckley in 1908 ibelieve she mentioned crewes hill and attended suckley school her maiden name was bucknall her family moved to wolverhampton in the late 1940 s and early 50 s she along with her elderly mother took people to do the hop picking i recall many happy late summers going to suckley we went to porters farm but welater went several years to mr morris s farm at yearsette court many happy memoriesstill exist of visiting the cross keys drinking freshly pulled milk lots of fruit and eating rabbit stew mr morris and his family really looked after us now 74 these were some of the best times in my life spent in awonderful placeSUCKLEY
UPPER HOUSE (posted by IAN FRANCIS, 25 Jun 2011, 08:39)
Looking for information on Upper House when built families that lived there, & the present owners. Many thanks
not much for children (posted by jazz, 9 Jun 2011, 09:05)
hi, i have a young child we have lived in suckley for 18 months and to be honest. there isnt much for children, regarding play facilities or clubs to keep them busy. or is it just me ?
looking for (posted by Chris Lee, 24 May 2011, 09:06)
i am looking for my family to help with the family tree

George Rowley who i think married eleanor ? around 1789c
they had a daughter eliza 1816c who married john morgan 1812c of martley, any help much appreciated chris lee P.S. George is in the martley register as being a cooper by trade.
James Phelps at 25 Knowle? (posted by Mark Phelps, 2 Feb 2011, 20:45)
My great great grandfather James Phelps can be found in the 1851 census as being a shoemaker and living at 25 Knowle in Suckley. Three years later, his family emigrated to Wisconsin in the U.S. I was wondering if that address - 25 Knowle still exists in Suckley.
Suckley Cross Keyes resident killed on the Somme (posted by Hilary Pitt, 7 Oct 2010, 17:17)
The soldier killed and buried at the Suzanne Military Cemetery No 3 Somme was Private James Cornelius Griffin 33164, "A"Coy. 2nd Bn., Worcestershire Regiment. He died on Wed 24th January 1917 aged 29. He was the son of William and Mary Griffin of the The Cross Keys. His nephew, who is 91 and who was given the middle name 'James' (and is actually called Jim), still lives in Suckley, in fact only 150m from the Cross Keys pub. As we knew Jim's parents ran the pub for a while around 1919 we asked him your question.

He was very touched when asked if he knew about this soldier and gave me the details.

If you visit http://www.cwgc.org/search/casualty_details.aspx?casualty=310377 there is a little more detail if you are interested.
Suckley Cross Keyes resident killed on the Somme (posted by Mik Malster, 7 Sep 2010, 14:23)
Dear Sir

I was recently cycling through the Somme battlefields and came across a small Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery where amongst the names in the gate book was a resident of Suckley his address being The Cross Keyes Suckley Worcestershire. I didn't have a pen or paper with me so sorry to say I have forgotten his name.

I live in Nottingham but earlier this year had cycled through your lovely village calling in for a drink at the Cross Keyes hence sparking my interest.

It seemed so sad to find the young man buried so far from his village and wondered if anyone had information on this unfortunate young man

Best Regards

Mik Malster
Happy Memories of living at The Cross Keys Inn (posted by Mrs Anne McCandless, 9 Aug 2010, 22:28)
Would like to say that in 1964 my parents Ida Gardner and Bert Gardner ran the pub The Cross Keys Inn. My sister Avryl nicknamed Abbie also lived there. I also lived there - I was married at the time but my husband was in the navy. I started to have my daughter Helen Jane Torres in the pub but was transferred to Worcester Ronkswood Hospital. My sister went to school in Malvern as she was about 11 or 12 years then.

Such happy days spent in the pub - Mum used to take the "tiddler" lambs in so we had about 10 sheep in the adjacent orchard which we fed with bottles. Mum and Dad eventually left the pub and went to live in the Old Police house rented out by the farmer opposite. Dad died there and Mum moved to Martley. I have some photos which I have sent to the landlord of The Cross Keys Inn and have visited the pub a couple of times. I now live in Warrington so it is a bit of journey. I remember Colin who used to sit in the window and his job was to kill the vermin on the farmers land. Also remember a Bunny Morris a frequent visitor to the pub. Such happy memories.

My sister Abbie died 2 years ago - I think there is a photo in the pub. Also a little extra- we had cats at the time and one day when the brewery wagon had been we got a phone call to say they had one of our cats on the wagon who had climbed up when they were delivering the beer - they returned the cat and we laughed about this later.
Just dropped by...... (posted by Oliver Webb, 30 Mar 2010, 22:51)
I call in at Suckley P.O most weeks, and was delighted to bump into Jose Woodyatt this morning. The last time we met was probably during the 1970s! It was fascinating to spend a few minutes reminiscing. All of which got me thinking about Suckley and my childhood spent there, although I've got a copy of the very interesting Aspects of Suckley,.it struck me that someone should write a history of Bruff Engineering (or have they already?) whilst there are still people in the area who have first hand memories of it.

It was another "blast from the past" to see Sarah Pinchbeck's message. I remember going to a birthday party at Finchers Farm when she was living there. I also went to school in Mrs Barnett's green Volkswagen with the striped seats and the white handle on the dashboard we used to have to clutch onto in lieu of seatbelts!! Happy memories. Is Mrs Barnett still in the village? She would be very elderly now.


Thinking of moving to Worcs... (posted by Emily Davis, 22 Mar 2010, 15:37)
Hello all,

My family and I are considering a move to Worcs, specifically the Acton Green/Suckley/Bromyard area. I would be really grateful for any information on what it's like in these areas. My husband and I are mid-30's with 2 children aged 4 and 2. We are keen on the outdoors and the environment and are looking for a lively village to be part of. Any comments (good or bad) very gratefully received. Many thanks and kind regards, Emily Davis
I lived on Finchers Farm (posted by Sarah Meunier ( ne Pinchbeck), 8 Mar 2010, 11:37)
I spent the first 7 years of my life in Suckley. My father Deryck Pinchbeck left the RAF in 1958 and bought Finchers Farm. I was born in 1959. He loved to visit the Wobbly Wheel pub and some of his great friends lived nearby. The Bakers and the Ormerods. I was taken to the primary school every morning in a bluey green volksvagen by a lady called Mrs Barnet. We had lots of fruit orhards and some animals. Sadly my father died in a car accident in 1964. We moved to Devon two years later.
If anyone remembers the Pinchbeck family. Please feel free to email me. My mother was Margaret and I have two sisters and two brothers. Mum died 10 years ago but the rest of us are alive and kicking. Marylin, Michael, Stephen, myself and Mandy.

I also remember Terry and Ann Donovan very well. They bulit their house at the end of our land and I spent many hours ther with them and their nephew Mark!
Greetings and salutations (posted by Kalee Lagomarsino, 22 Aug 2009, 04:49)
Hello, I am from the US, 32 year old mom of 4-I love writing letters the old fashioned way (pen to paper) and am looking for someone in small town england who also enjoys letter writing-a person of any age at all-I used to write my great grandmother regularly before she passed away and miss it! I am hoping y'all have a community bulletin board or something of the sort and can post my request-I'd be ever grateful-my address be: C/O Burns
Kalee Lagomarsino, P.O. Box 409, Eagle Pt. Oregon 97524 USA
Message from Ivor Lloyd (posted 9 Jul 2009, 20:26)
Sidney Salter wrote that he lived in Suckley & did any one remember him. Yes, all the Lloyd family remember him when he lived at Grove Hill Lodge. Also his father, who was the chauffeur to the Lechmeres.
Painting Of Suckley Church for Sale (posted by James Hazlewood, 18 May 2009, 17:53)
Hi All,

I found your website whilst researching a painting that I have recently purchased. The painting is of Suckley Parish Church, was painted by J R Bryan and dated July 1980. Its a watercolour and is very well painted but I don' have a conection with the church and thought it might be of interest to some members of the Parish. If anyone is interested (if only to have a look at the painting and not to buy) then feel free to email me at samandjames AT dsl dot pipex dot com and I will email photos.

Kind Regards


Great site by the way.

Suckley Church Watercolour
Carol Singing - apologies to Li Bames (posted by Keith, 8 Feb 2009, 10:28)
Big apologies to Li Bames. We were about an hour late reaching Damson Way. We didn't expect anyone to wait out in the cold to hear us, but were hoping people would get in touch beforehand, so that we could sing outside their house. If we come again this Christmas, we'll make a special visit to sing for you and your children!

We raised 130 pounds from the carol singing, which hopefully will make a big difference to the children in Tanzania. Many thanks to all the generous people who made donations, and especially to Jim and Michelle at The Cross Keys, and Rod and Belinda at The Nelson for their hospitality.
Maria at Upper House (posted by Richard J. Harward, 19 Jan 2009, 12:40)
Suckley Forum carried 13 pages of older messages 1997 to 2006. One of them was from Maria who says " I was born at Upper House Suckley in 1949" etc.
If you are still around, Maria, get in touch and this time your questions will be answered.
Richard Harward
Red Castle (posted by Steve Crowther, 7 Jan 2009, 15:56)
I am currently undertaking some research on Suckley parish and was wondering if anyone had any information on the history of Red Castle? There is a building at that location on 2" OS draft surveyors' maps dated to 1812, so the building is obviously of some antiquity. However, there is no mention of it that I have been able to find in publications such as the Victoria County History etc. I would be very grateful for any further info.
Rowley research (posted by Janet Empey, 1 Jan 2009, 01:01)
I am a decendant of William Rowley and Ann Jewell and I am looking for his parents and hers. I would love to here from anyone who might have information to share.
Sincerely Janet
Carol Singers (posted by Li Bames, 29 Dec 2008, 20:12)
The poster for the Carol Singers said that they would visit Damson Way between 7.15 and 7.45 pm. My two excited young sons (aged 7 and 3) waited in the cold and dark (having walked up from our nearby road) for over an hour but no-one showed up.
They were extremely disappointed as this was to be their first year having the pleasure of carol singers. They didn't know what to expect but they certainly weren't expecting an in depth analysis of the visible constellations that evening and then a cold, sad walk home. It was a real shame for them.
What happened to the singers?
SURNAME (posted by KEVIN SUCKLEY, 18 Nov 2008, 22:54)
My name being Kevin Suckley, it seemed very strange visiting Suckley with my young children some years back. I took some photos of the road sign with my children. I would be interested to hear from any other Suckley who has done the same.
Kevin Suckley
Living in Exeter
Ranford Family fao David Taylor (posted by David Ranford, 3 Nov 2008, 15:14)
There is still one Ranford family living in Suckley.
I think I have the largest family tree of UK Ranfords including those who lived in Suckley.
William Rowley (posted by Sasha Nielson, 14 Sep 2008, 02:02)
I am a descendant of William Rowley and Ann Jewell. I have some information on the Rowley line. Would love to swap information with anyone.
Family History (posted by Diane Rowley, 30 Jul 2008, 05:03)
Does anyone know how I can find out the name of the newspaper for Aflick (Alfrick) or Suckley around 1836-1848? I am looking for land auction announcements or any leads to find out where William Rowley & Ann Taylor got some pieces of land they owned (Mars Hill) in Aflick or Suckley. Ann died in 1836 and apparently William and his new wife, Ann Jewell, lost ownership of 4 parcels of land sometime after that.

Sincerest thanks for any help someone can give me.

Family Tree.....HOWELLS & KNIGHT (posted by Brian Knight, 27 May 2008, 12:25)
THOMAS HOWELLS married MARY ELIZABETH KNIGHT, no relation to me, on 2nd August 1860, at THE PARISH CHURCH, Suckley.
Their Marriage Certificate shows both Fathers as UNKNOWN.

We believe, but currently are not certain, that Thomas Howells was brought up, maybe fostered, by ANN & JOHN BOND.

We know nothing about MARY ELIZABETH KNIGHT.

The Marriage was witnessed by THOMAS WEAVER & HARRIET KNIGHT.

One child from this marriage was WILLIAM HOWELLS, my Wife's Grandfather. Fortunately, we have been able to trace the line from this WILLIAM HOWELLS to the present day.

Can anyone add anything at all to these details. We would love to know the background to both THOMAS and MARY, and also learn the date of MARY'S death, maybe in Suckley?
Trace John Gittins (posted by Terry D. Haynes, 6 May 2008, 20:48)
John Gittins posted a Forum message on the 18th July 1999 to the effect that his Grandmother, Ellen Haynes was born in Suckley (1879) when her father, John Haynes, was the local police Sergeant.
Following genealogy research on my family, I believe Ellen Haynes is a distant relative and John Haynes is my Great Grandfather.
Is there anyone who knows or can communicate with John Gittins and give him my e.mail address so he can contact me.
e.mail address is terrydhaynes@googlemail.com
Many thanks.
Terry Haynes.
Lands End To John o'Groats Charity Bike Tour 2008 (posted by Amanda Shinnie, 22 Mar 2008, 15:18)
I wondered if you would be interested in covering a story, to make more people aware of this Charity Bike Ride. Three local boys who have started a gruelling bike ride from Lands End To John O'Groats, they left Lands End Good Friday 21st March and are hoping to reach their destination in 10 days at John o'Groats. They are now into their 2nd day, and are hoping to cover 100 miles per day. Their names are: Julian Burton and Mick Hawthorn from Leigh Sinton and Andy Merrick who is the "Singing Postman" of Suckley. Roger and Barbara from Suckley Post Office, are already doing a wonderful job of covering their progress with pictures and have had approx £2000.00 from their customers! Their website is www.suckleypo.co.uk
Robinson (posted by Judy Polak, 8 Mar 2008, 15:36)
I am trying to trace an Edward Robinson who is my 2/great grandfather. From census return for 1851 we believe that he could have been born in or around Suckley, Alfrick or Leigh area. I have been trying to research this with no success for several years so any help would be most gratefully received.
Rowley history (posted by Kris Jacobs, 7 Mar 2008, 08:03)
Diane: Ralph Nephi Rowley, born April 1, 1824 in Handley(or Handley) North Staffordshire, England may have been related to William Rowley. Ralph Rowley's parents were John Rowley born 1798-1843 in Handley, North Staffordshire, England and Sarah Wright born 1793. John Rowley's parents were Ralph Rowley born 1766 and Amy Lease. Ralph Nephi Rowley (b. 1824) and wife Mary Ann Thompson Rowley (b. 1824) came to America in 1851 arriving in Utah pulling a hand cart (as did Ann Jewell Rowley). Ralph Nephi Rowley also had a brother named James Rowley.
Wickham Rail - Research (posted by Jonathan Flood, 5 Mar 2008, 23:57)
I have been researching the fate of this company for the last two years and wondered whether you might be able to assist me in my research.
According to a book about the history of the Company, it was formed in 1886 and became a private limited company in 1912. It started producing railway vehicles from 1922 onwards from its factory at Ware in Hertfordshire. In April 1986 the Company was bought from its major Shareholders by a Management Buyout team. Just over a year later in July 1987 the Management Buyout team sold out to the BM Group plc (previously Braham Millar Group plc, later Brunel Holdings plc and now Guinness Peat Group Plc). Eventually the rail business was purchased by the Bruff Group who merged it with their Bruff Rail Limited in May 1990 to form Wickham Rail Limited (Registered Address - Colmore Gate, 2 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BN). This Company ceased trading at some stage and was finally dissolved in November 1999. The original trading address on 1 May 1990 for Wickham Rail Limited was Wickham Rail, Suckley, County of Hereford & Worcester, UK, WR6 5DS and the last known trading addresses was as follows:

Wickham Rail Car Parts & Service
Unit 6, Court Farm Industrial Estate
Bishops Frome

The telephone number was: 01885 490344

It appears that the rail business was however sold again in the late 1990s, as a company called Wickham Rail Cars based in Goodyear, Arizona, USA began trading (www.wickhamrailcars.com) at about this time.

For some while now I have been researching the fate of this American company as it's website had not been updated since December 2002 and none of the email addresses or other contact details are active (interestingly the European Telephone Number given on the website was +44 1885 490470) . I have now found out that the owner of this American based Company was a gentleman called Michael Kukla but at the moment I am unable to track him down although one of his former employees believes that he is now living in the UK. I would obviously be very interested in contacting Mr Kukla

Obviously, I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any information on the Company during its time in Worcestershire especially any ex-employees of the Company, who might know a little more about the closure and sale of the Company.

I would also like to hear from anyone who might know Mr Kukla or know how to contact Mr Kukla, as I believe he may well have a considerable archive of Wickham paperwork perhaps even the D Wickham & Co. Ltd's original Railcar and Trolley Record Books which unfortunately did not get transferred to the museum at Ware which is located close to the old works site.

For anyone who is interested I have recently launched a Yahoo! Discussion Group on the web about all things 'Wickham'. The Group is for all Owners and all those interested in all aspects of railway vehicles manufactured by D Wickham & Co. Ltd of Ware (Hertfordshire, UK), Wickham Rail Ltd of Suckley (Worcestershire, UK) and Wickham Rail Cars of Goodyear (Arizona, USA).

The Group's aims are as follows:

1) To identify and document all surviving vehicles both in the UK and abroad and championing their continued survival, restoration, maintenance and use.

2) To act as a forum for discussing technical issues associated with restoring and running these vehicles and to co-ordinate requirements for spares, services etc.

3) To arrange with current owners for group visits to view and where possible ride on surviving vehicles.

4) To co-ordinate the search for all the remaining records, drawings and documents associated with the railway vehicles manufactured by the Company in its various guises and hopefully in the future co-ordinating a national archive of such documents.

5) To assist current owners in finding suitable new owners for their vehicles if they are looking to dispose of them.

6) To assist in raising the awareness within the railway preservation world, of the historical importance of these vehicles.

The group can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WickhamofWare

Any help you are able to provide, such as an article / letter in your next edition or copies of any old articles from your archives, would be very much appreciated.
Football team? (posted by Olie, 25 Feb 2008, 17:49)
Hi, me and a few friends who live locally and reguarly play football want to play for a local team but can't find one so we are wandering what the chances of starting a suckley football team would be, we have all played for teams in the past and are of a reasonable standard, we are all adults and would be commited. we have already spoken to someone about managing the team and they have agreed to. we would be able to help finance it as well for kit, equipment etc...

Many thanks, Olie Stratton
Lane Family (posted by Christine Jensen, 21 Feb 2008, 11:21)
I have just come across your website and wondered if the village holds any old records.

I have been researching my Lane ancestry for a couple of years now and have been through the Suckley, Alfrick and Lulsey Church records. My gt.gt.grandfather was Baptised, as were his siblings, in Suckley and Alfrick. His father Thomas Lane married Mary Smith of Lulsey on 30.01.1763 at Alfrick. My stumbling block is who were his parents -
Were they Richard and Susanna Lane?
If so, was Richard Lane the same Richard Lane of Great Malvern who had previously been married to Margaret Finch. There is a gap in the burial records on film so I do not have any evidence of Margaret dying, but this seems feasible. It then means Thomas was a son of the second marriage.
I would love to find Thomas's parents if possible and try and work back a little further - Is there any history of people of the village that far back?
Chris Jensen, NSW Australia
searching for ancestors (posted by Diane Rowley, 20 Feb 2008, 22:18)
I am looking for any info about:
William Rowley
Died at Mars Hill, Suckley in Feb. 1848.
Married Ann Taylor of Cradley in July 1807.
Married Ann Jewell in Aug. 1836 after Ann Taylor's death.

I have been looking for years & years for his father & I would so appreciate any help someone could give me regarding this matter.

He was married by a vicar named Charles Mound in August of 1836. If anyone has any info about Charles that would possibly give me some leads about William.

Sincerest thanks,
Diane Rowley
habitations in the area (posted by Heather Canevaro, 4 Feb 2008, 16:20)

My ancestors the Perkins and Phillips lived and worked in Acton beauchamp, Acton
Green, Suckley and Longley Green from the early 1800s to the early 1900s.

I was wondering if there might be any local info on Coppice House, Acton Beauchamp
or on Bush Bank cottage in Suckley? The Perkins from Acton and the Phillips were
from Suckley. If there are any folks in that area with the same surnmaes, please
feel free to pass along my email address, if you so choose.

Thank you for any help in this matter. I really enjoy checking into this site, it
makes me feel just wee bit connected to my past.

Heather Canevaro
Humboldt SK
Ranford family fao David Taylor (posted by Heather Cameron, 1 Jan 2008, 11:56)
Checking the 1841 census to see if John and Sarah Cameron were still in Suckley (they weren't), I came across the following entries which might be of interest:
Samuel Ranford, carpenter at Priory - HO107/1194/9/10
William Ranford, wheelwright at Suckley Green HO107/1194/11/14
Joseph Jones born c.1830 (posted by Rosalind Winfield, 28 Dec 2007, 01:57)
Does anybody have any information about the family of Joseph Jones born c.1930 in Suckley, please? There were a number of Jones families during the 1841 census and I would like to know where Joseph fitted in, if possible.
Joseph joined the Royal Artillery, being in barracks at Woolwich in 1851, in the Crimean War, then in the Seventh Brigade of Royal Artillery stationed at St Helens Island opposite Montreal when he married Sophia Compaign on 19 September 1862. He died in Woolwich 10 January 1896.
Joseph and Sophia had a number of children Francis, Urgent Eleanor, Amelia Ann, William, Nancy, Mary, Mark and Ernest.
Nancy was my grandmother.
I visited Suckley in July 2007 and thought it was beautiful. However, all the Jones families seem to have moved.
I would love to come back one day but it's not a day trip from Australia.
In the meantime, if anyone knows anything about Joseph's family, I would be delighted to receive the information. Thankyou
Rosalind Winfield
Ranford Family (posted by David Taylor, 23 Dec 2007, 23:42)
My Gt Gt Grandparents were Edward Cooper (of Suffold and then Kingston upon Thames) and Ann Ranford. Ann was the daughter of Samual and Ann Ranford of Suckley and she was born in about 1832. Are there any Ranfords still living in Suckley?
Bruff Engineering (posted by David Griffiths, 10 Dec 2007, 13:56)
I am writing as Registrar of the Bedford Register & Drivers Club, the worlds largest Bedford vehicle club.

Can anyone help with experiences of working for the firm and or photos of the Bruff engineering works and the products made which utilised Bedford vehicle chassis as the basis of the final piece of equipment.

All contacts would be much appreciated

David Griffiths

Suckley church yard (posted by Heather J Cameron, 7 Nov 2007, 11:05)
Having traced my family tree back to John cameron at Upper Court in Suckley I wondered if there was in existence some record or plan of the burials in the Parish churchyard. At least one Cameron burial is recorded in the Parish records and when I visit Suckley it would help to have some guidance in where to look.

Many thanks for any assistance
Heather J Cameron
Louisa Merrick (posted by Maureen Iddles, 21 Oct 2007, 11:53)
On a visit this week to Worcester Archives, I noticed a book on Suckley.
My Mother-in- Law came from Suckley, Name Louisa Merrick. born 29/7/1893.later Iddles
I noticed the School photographs in the book, and wondered if you had names for
these pupils and is it possible to have a copy of these photographs please.
Maureen Iddles
Floods (posted by Keith, 20 Jul 2007, 19:47)
Bad floods in Suckley today ... :(
This photo is of a very swollen Leigh Brook.
Leigh Brook flowing through Longley Green on 20 July 2007. Photo © 2007 Keith Bramich






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