The Cross Keys Inn

Following the sudden and very sad death in 2011 of landlord Jim Cairns, who was the very life and soul of The Cross Keys, the Inn is now being run by Jim's widow Michelle, with help from her son and daughter, and trade seems busier than ever.

The Cross Keys Inn (phone +44 (0)1886 884494), renouned by locals, is currently a drinkers' pub, but there are plans to offer food in the near future. The Cross Keys is located on the very edge of Suckley, nearly in the next village of Linley Green.

The third Friday in each month is music night, from 8.30pm until late. Performers and listeners welcome.

A well was discovered in 1996 at the Cross Keys - 106 feet deep, with running water at the bottom.

The Well at the Cross Keys Inn

A certain amount of mystery surrounds a local poem, A Stroll by E.F.P. Jay, which was also discovered at the Cross Keys.

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