Suckley News 2003

Gifts from Suckley
November 2003:

If you're looking for gift ideas, why not buy something from Suckley? Visit the Holloways showrooms for a huge stock of garden and conservatory-related items. Call in to Suckley Post Office and Stores for a range of greetings cards, books about the local area and other items. Or buy a copy of the M5 Sights Guide, produced in Suckley, to find out about everything you can see from your vehicle on the motorway.


Suckley newsletter
August 2003:

The Parish Council has produced and distributed another newsletter. This can be downloaded and printed here (1.1Mb, MS Word format).


New look for the Bruff
February 2003:

The Bruff Business Centre has a new sign above the main entrance, and a new sign at the entrance to the car park listing all the companies renting office space in the building.

Bruff Business Centre sign


Development completed
February 2003:

Rebuilding work at Damson Way, Suckley was completed at the beginning of February, and the contractors have moved out.


Suspended WI
January 2003:

Suckley WI was suspended until further notice on 13 January 2003. The members were unable to form a committee or elect a president, due to various other claims on their time and energy. The Local History Society, however, is going strong, and now has 35 paid-up members.


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